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We are Caversham residents who hit it off through a passion for all things home interiors, great design and ... well ... food. Here we share a little more about us:

Staying in or Going Out?

Sam - Both. In the Summer out as much as possible, in the Winter I’m in full hibernation mode. Susie - I am a bit of a home bird but also very sociable, so for me entertaining at home is the perfect combo.


Favourite Brunch Dish

Susie - Some sliced avocado, feta and tomatoes on sourdough topped with some seeds and a drizzle of oil, that or a simple scrambled egg. Sam - I love a baked egg, like a shakshuka (my husband makes the best) or even a Turkish egg. My fave brunch spot has to be Jacks Wife Freda in NYC, great food with bags of personality.


Favourite colours for your home


Sam - This changes daily. I’m not even joking. I like light, I like dark. I don’t like red or purple.  Susie - I tend to opt for muted tones as a base with dark colours adding some contrast. My favourite colour is green but funnily don't have all that much of it at home.


Things for your home you just can’t resist


Susie - I like the softer elements, so I can often be found buying cushions, baskets, lamps and rugs! Sam - I think the devil is in the detail. I’d love to replace all handles, knobs, switches, hooks in the house, as well as radiators - or better still do without them altogether and have underfloor heating.


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